Helen Rose unveils The Gift of Being Present to those undergoing a transition in their lives in order to find clarity and acceptance in moving forward with a fresh perspective on their sense of self.

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Be broken, be vulnerable, it’s how one grows.

In order to move forward with hope, forgiveness, and freedom, it’s vital to make good use of personal disasters. Rather than boxing it up as being only what it is, explore and expand on the experience in order to embrace the feelings that come along with it. Understand the triggers, heal the emotions related to those experiences, and finally put to peace the pain.

Everyone is figuring out this thing called life. Navigating despair, loneliness, fear, and loss cannot be done without compassion and understanding, and no one can do it alone. Know you are not alone on your journey.

Each is shaped by their own experiences, whether the choices were made at the hands of others, their own, or both. Life lessons are always meant to be learned if willing.

The Gift of Being Present

Joyful Opportunity to Uncover and Reflect Now to Engage You
Through speaking, coaching, and workshops, it is Helen’s intention to inspire others to find their gift. The gift is the journey. It’s the combination of past experiences one has endured in order to get exactly where they are today.
Helen helps others to understand exactly who they are at their core. She walks beside them to build a mindset that allows them permission to take control of their lives. The gift is unveiled when one is able to recognize their emotions and honour them.

The Gift of Being Present

Helen’s gift is sharing her journey with others in a way that inspires them to shift their own. Work alongside Helen as she coaches you through a one-day workshop, five-week program, or six-month program as you experience transformation in your life.

Thinking Outside the Box: One-Day Workshop

Bring to light the work needed to be done in order to find peace in this one-day workshop.

Intentional Freedom: Five-Week Online Program

Work alongside Helen through this five-week program in order to move forward in life with intentional freedom.

The Gift of Being Present: Six-Month Online Program

This is the deeper dive of Intentional Freedom. THIS is putting together all that you have learned to date.

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